An article by will | Tuesday 18th July 2017

A website is the forefront of your marketing, 85% of your visitors judge your website within the first 10 seconds of landing on it. What entails a good website feel? Style, content and how responsive on mobile devices it is. The real question is how do you know when your website is due a refresh?


We have previously mentioned the impact of the initial ‘Mobilegeddon’ and the affect that it has on non-mobile-friendly sites. It’s worth considering that the total number of users researching on their mobile devices have considerably increased over the last couple of years. If your website is non-responsive not only is website visibility likely to be poor, but your visitors are immediately going to be leaving if it’s hard to use!

No tools for creating content

A blog is more than a tool for pumping content out, for many businesses it’s a way of showcasing that you are an expert in your field. So, if all your competitors are using blogs to develop a credible reputation how will that impact on your business? Having a blog is also a great resource for improving your SEO performance, indexing your blog posts will develop more opportunity to be found through search engines. Find out more about blogs and the impact they can have here.

Slow loading pages

Nowadays, when you land on a website that either takes ages to load, or sometimes fails to load altogether, you instantly click off it. User experience is a pivotal aspect that makes or breaks if a visitor stays on, or clicks off a site. Page loading time therefore is closely linked with user experience! A slow loading website can be attributed to numerous factors but essentially it stems down to poor website design and image optimising.

Updating causes problems

We have a number of clients that we work with, using old content management systems. Temperamental content management systems can cause major problems which can result in time consuming and expensive fixes! If your CMS is old or if you haven’t got a quick and efficient way of adding new content to your site the chances are your content is “outdated” and needs to be refreshed! At Larrytech, we develop our own bespoke CMS to fit our client’s requirements.

If your website is replicating any of the above factors, is it time to think about a refresh? Get in contact with us today and we would be more than happy to have a chat and discuss putting these problems right!

Article by will | 18th July 2017