An article by will | Monday 3rd July 2017

Throughout the years businesses have been looking for ways to beat the search engine algorithms. In reality, this is near enough an impossible task. We get a lot of clients ask us if having multiple domains with the same content will bolster SEO rankings. The answer plain and simple is …. NO! In fact, having multiple domains for your website can actually result in problems!

The defensive domains tactic

The first common theme we tend to find is that businesses are worried that competitors will buy keyword orientated domains which will thereby hinder their own sites rankings. While there is some logic to this tactic, having a keyword orientated domain will not automatically result in being #1 in Google for that keyword.

Duplicated Content

One of the biggest problems of having multiple domains is the fact that the vast majority of content is duplicated, this doesn’t improve your SEO rankings it causes an adverse effect. Google algorithm works by showing varied content on search results. So, if multiple domains encompass duplicated content only one of the sites will show up.

First page domination approach

If you are a brick-and-mortar site with one physical location, having a duplicated site with the same location can cause confusion for your customers and visitors. Similarly, Google algorithm doesn’t rank multiple sites from the same business highly as it’s considered as spam.

The only exception to multiple domains is when your business is operating in different countries, therefore you will need to have specific domains for different countries. Finally, if you are going to adopt a multiple domains approach, you will have to double your SEO input. A new domain tends to be significantly harder to rank highly within a shorter period of time.

If your website is struggling to perform well on search engines and you are running out of ideas on what you can do to improve this, do get in touch and we can put bad habits right!


Article by will | 3rd July 2017